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The 4th Floor Literary Journal is a selection of work written each year by students and tutors on the creative writing programme at Whitireia New Zealand. Our submissions guidelines tell you how and when you can submit work to the journal.

The 4th Floor takes its name from the fact that, at the time the journal began, the creative writing programme was situated on the fourth floor of the Whitireia Wellington city campus. Though the programme has since shifted, the name 4th Floor has stuck.

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The Whitireia Creative Writing Programme

The Whitireia creative writing programme was established in 1993. At that time, the writing programme offered one full-year full-time course. Since 2005, it has offered three full-time diplomas, including the Bachelor of Applied Arts (Creative Writing).

The Whitireia creative writing programme emphasises originality and excellence in the craft of writing, and provides the practical business knowledge needed for being a writer. We are very proud of our graduates who take part in almost every aspect of New Zealand writing life: as organisers of performance poetry events and writers’ groups, in the New Zealand Book Council’s Writers in Schools programme, as scriptwriters for screen and stage, and as editors, journalists and writers for magazines and other publications.

The work of more than 25 students from the Whitireia creative writing programme has been published in books or in established and emerging literary magazines. Many of our graduates have won awards for their work. Some of the successful authors to emerge from this programme include:

Anne Powell
Maajte Quivooy
Maggie Rainey-Smith
Alison Robertson
Jo Thorpe

Mercedes Webb-Pullman
Caren Wilton
Donna Wright




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