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Being and making


I am starting today I will put in here thinking there was confusion about how this would work.




We are all special beings building sheds outside of any function. People can be made to work faster but art operates in this way.

I will explore by making lists.


Air entrainment tests

Excavation stacking and protection

Placing and fixing

Support of formwork           Striking of forms




Artists are people allowing materials. Sometimes I want to be forceful.

Meditative and careful we have one person to make their own story


The world is                         encouragement.




Things evolve to fit the tune the wall is whistling

creep to the top the promise is there

The word is               encouragement.


Can you write it down?

Ripping tearing building building making working feeling playing sitting standing finding being trying letting rubbing cleaning placing playing making putting walking trying letting breathing reading writing doing scrubbing finding rubbing bending pinning laying layering trying putting testing leaching listing layering getting looking trusting pressing pinning sparking seeing making making making      making

a place where I could easily get up. Cornered in any way                      limited supreme display

every day worth preserving.


There is certainly a poetic way of working; it is the same every time

the more you rub the more it shines.

Do not think I won’t keep going for you   there be watching   I don’t want to be my object   I can find my own way out a tent with what I have to hand.


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