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A man




He is confused.


He is found

as far away


as New Brighton.


His sons are veterans.

His sons are boys.

His son is dead.


His wives are dead.

His wife


will be in contact

with the hospital.


His son, later,

will never speak of this.


He will say

to his children,

my parents are dead


and that is that.


The records give up their trace.

The record gives us its sorrow.




A girl,

reared on Ladybird histories

of Kings and Queens


decides not to believe

in Charlemagne.


He is traversing

the pages

of History 125

with too much alacrity.


She cannot fit

his stride, his illiteracy

the theatre of his coronation


into pretend Europe.


It is easier to read

about the peasants

who yearly changed their clothes.




This room was built in 1972.

This grave was erected in 1895.

This memorial is for a child

who is not buried here.


The man’s son is not where

it says he is.


The man’s other sons are

not here either.


The room is called Science Two

but there is no science in it.

The girl is stacked beside a ream

of notes and textbooks.


She imagines the man,

imagining her.


She is the subject

of his dream.




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