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Some days he seemed to fade almost to nothing. The photographs showed a stranger, or a silvery absence that highlighted the small marks of mould and discolouration. The mole above his eyebrow, for instance. Had it always been there, or was it a later addition? Sometimes a creaking stair would make her turn, or she’d glimpse a figure dart into the shadow behind the door. Eventually, even the ghosts would depart. The pictures would walk out of their frames and disappear, leaving only vacancy and a scattering of loose snow.






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8 The first session. A soft ethereal light played above a woman’s head. Their hostess reported feeling the sensation of a cold hand on her neck.
  The second session. ‘The curtains were drawn, and the lamps extinguished. In the darkness they distinctly heard the ticking of a clock, the gentle whirr of a motor, and the trembling note of an electric bell.’
9 Blizzard (noun).

  1. A severe snowstorm with high winds.
  2. A large or overwhelming number of things occuring suddenly.

10 The cinematograph film showed a man emerging from a tent and disappearing. At that point the images ceased and the only sound was the whirring of the projector.
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