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Alison Glenny


Some afternoons a fog rolled down the hallway. On others, the staircase groaned with moisture. A finger laid carelessly on a bannister dislodged a ledge of rime. She lifted the hem of her dress to avoid the damp in the passageway; wore gloves in the kitchen. She was lying in the bath when the glacier pushed through the wall. She sank deeper into the water to escape the chill that settled on her shoulders. Trying to ignore the white haze, to lose herself in the pages of her book.






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The cold affected the workings of the delicate clockwork instruments. ‘Each morning I spend an hour regulating and winding my chronometer.’ In the letters, asterisks denote indecipherable words.
6 She dreamed that winter was a little cabinet. When she unlocked it, she discovered a small white dog.
7 Apport

  1. Production of an object, supposedly by occult means: the object so produced.
  2. (obsolete) Bearing, port.

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