Tina Regtien

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Beloved: a time line

  0–7 From a stocking covered leg or the side of the pram
    clasped, the world from knee high is just, just is.
  7–13 And can handstand against the wall.
    Bare feet soak up the sun, second hand.
  13–18 Aureole-brushed, the trees and I are skinny
    dipping. Chattering branches clustered in the wind.
  18–21 A stray cat adopts us.
    It’s official. We are a couple.
  26–28 I leap, fearful of heights.
    Crumpled sheets beneath the clock tower.
  30–now Towels on the trellis, wood smoke in your hair.
    Heart throb, green man, you redefine the moon.

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