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Excerpt from
Deadly Obsession

The black Lincoln Town Car entered Highway 280 at the 6th and Brannan exit. It merged with the late night traffic heading south. The driver followed the sign for San Francisco International Airport which took the car onto Highway 101. He stayed in the outside lane and fastidiously observed the speed limit.

‘Turn off here,’ Felix Hayek ordered.

The Lincoln slipped off the highway and onto an unlit service lane. It slowed then stopped. With its headlights extinguished the car practically vanished from sight.

Hayek had been hired on the basis of his reputation. A reputation built on delivering what the client asked for at a reasonable price. Whilst he prided himself on his meticulous planning, he remained alert to the fact that any plan could quickly become derailed by the unexpected. During his long military career he’d experienced many such unexpected events. Now, he ensured he always had a contingency plan.

Hayek turned around in his seat. He spoke softly. ‘This is where you leave us, Doctor.’

Wedged between two muscular minders, Dr Carl Brown shuddered uncontrollably. ‘Where are we?’ he asked, the words barely more than a whisper.

The question went unanswered.

The tall gorilla on Brown’s right opened the door and slipped out into the night. Cold air, heavy with the threat of rain, invaded the car’s interior, causing Brown to shiver.

‘Get out of the car,’ Hayek ordered. A revolver had appeared in his hand.

Brown didn’t move, mesmerised by the muzzle of the gun hovering inches from his nose.

‘I’m going to count to six,’ Hayek said, ‘and if you’re not out of the car, I’m going to blow your fucking head off.’


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