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Excerpt from
On the Road to a Miracle

Mum and Jill Sullivan, the occupational therapist from CCS, had started a Conductive Education group which I attended three times a week. Most of the others were younger than me, but we all worked together and it helped, being with a group of other kids who were facing similar challenges.

One December we were asked to take part in a Christmas concert at the Christchurch town hall. After an early morning dress rehearsal, we arrived at the town hall and lined up nervously on the side of the stage ready for our big moment.

Dame Malvina Major was out on centre stage performing a selection of Christmas carols with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra. I can see myself now: impatiently waiting for our cue, my tripod sticks tapping up and down on the floor performing a dance of their own. The entrance music began and we made our way slowly onto the stage. Each of us had a helper, a mother, father, sister or brother.

Alex was first, he was Joseph. He stepped with a wide-apart gait, knees bent for balance, stamping each foot down as he went. Next was Morgan, who was Mary. She wore the robe my mother had made for her and she carried a small rod between both hands to assist her balance. I picture Morgan in my mind’s eye, walking across the stage, picking up the baby Jesus doll and putting him in the manger.

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