first catch your trout

in cast iron
over red-gum fire
beside the river
where smoke and mist

twist together


sautéed in butter
with almonds
and cream
a splash of white wine
liberal parsley


poached in wine
picked off the bone
and chilled,
floating through
colourful, seasoned aspic


rubbed with salt
finely chopped herbs
rosemary, thyme
oregano, sage
crushed garlic
and smoked all day
over quince wood


smoked, then pulled apart
packed in jars
with good olive oil


this requires some
have a large pot
of acidulated water
on a rolling boil
unhook your trout
and drop it in
death will be
the fish
curls in a circle
head touching tail
and the flesh
when you eat
is pale blue


did I mention
beside the river?

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