A fancy affair

it’s dark out there,

there’s a woman,
unclean, tired
looking, woman
dragging her whole life.
Behind her there


people wandering out
from behind the doors,
embarrassed by people
watching them,
wandering around,
hopeful Watching them.
people wondering who
will be there at the


those who have come
have had their hair
freshly done,
or their hair needs done,
now they’re back.
for hours they’ve been
Sitting around done
now they’re back. 


in from LA Ex
come the tanned ones,
carrying surf boards
or their Ancestors
zippered up Firm
the very tanned ones,
carrying long zippered bags.
and their culture


Apia has landed now,
airport flooding with
men in Skirts, now
good looking men,
strong men like
ones in gay parades.
in skirts, proud men


air hostesses
(air Princesses)
look as if they’ll
slip on evening dresses,
having just flown
in from everywhere,
to attend
a fancy affair,
or have
a fancy affair


then He arrives.
I’d hoped I’d see Osaka first.
the fashion attitude, styles.
he looks at me with Eyes
and Mouth that say
the Holiday is Over.
I wish I’d seen

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