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Houdini Causes an Elephant and its Keeper to Vanish at the Hippodrome

The baffling Houdini made his first appearance as a part of the Hippodrome organisation yesterday afternoon, and presented an illusion of the sort with which he is identified.


The management of the Hippodrome has no idea how the trick is worked; even the stage hands who draw out the cabinet have so far failed to get a clue. With Houdini, however, are four men of his own, men whom he carries with him in season and out, and these men know something, but not everything, of his methods.


‘Not even the keeper who disappears with the elephant knows how it is done,’ declares Houdini.


‘The elephant and the keeper are done away with by different methods, both of which are so complicated that the elephant has just as good a chance of understanding it as the keeper.’

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