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Three Questions


Q. Kia ora. Firstly, I was wondering where you get your ideas?

A. There’s this flat in Seddon Street. It has a long gravel
drive fenced off with sheets of iron on both sides.
Outside the front steps a dandelion and a metal bin,
straight inside the front door is a galley kitchen. It’s modest,
let’s say that. Orange couch in the living room,
a television, an electric heater. In the corner a red velvet
chair, in the chair a man (he’s younger than me now,
time has passed). The man listens to a CD (we must move
with the times), a CD of The Lone Ranger theme song,
‘Ode to Joy’, and music of that persuasion.

He leans forward to let me slide my hand gently under
(careful not to touch) and behind the cushion
I find a ten cent piece, several Minty wrappers,
that kind of thing. In the corner, with crumbs and fluff
will be an idea.

Q. Sweet. So whereabouts in Seddon Street did you say this was?

A. He’s mine. Anyway, I know of a muse much more suited to you.

Q. (Eagerly) Where is she?

A. Here. Take these dice – they’re lucky. See that plastic beaker
yes, the bright pink one with Dora on it. Put your dice in there,
give it a good shake. Blow across the top, gently – that’s the way.
Now toss the dice until you throw a seven.

Q. And then what?

A. That’s four questions. Naaa, I’m joking. When you get a seven
you pick up your pen and write. Keep writing. Give it while and you’ll see
the start of something that might come good. Spit and polish, spit and polish,
and voila.

Q. (Smiling) I see. Thanks very much.

A. You’re welcome. Now sometime in the future, someone might ask you
three questions. Make sure you’ve got something for them, won’t you?


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