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Halo around the sun


The librarian’s face is a lagoon.

My hesitation sends

a wave across the water.

How long will you stay? she asks.

When did you arrive?



It is three days since my ei

proclaimed me as a visitor,

creamy flowers scenting me


with breaths of homecoming.

At night, not willing to let it perish

I placed my garland in the refrigerator


with mangoes, avocados,

a starfruit. Next morning the chill

was a balm to my skin


but the decay had gone too far

to wear. I carried the fragrance

to a tree with an unknown name.


Wreathed in shade, I tore the ei

into potpourri, dropped the pieces

into a ready pair of clam shells.


Stayed to watch until a centipede

rowed across the petals

with his hundred-and-seven legs.



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