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Sandi Sartorelli

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Civil Defence Plan #62


Change your status

to molten rock. Be a deluge

of lava, a cascade of magma

a red-hot tide.


Donate the scoria to charity.


Post pics of the new-born

landscape, the banquet table

you have covered in candles.


For a healthy wick, let a new candle burn

at least two hours. Ensure an even melt.


Get waxed. Wow your friends

with smoothness.


Take the train to the aviary, but leave

your bodyguards at the station. In the café

do not order the quail.


Build a coop for when the rent is due.

Tend the eggs and let one hatch

into a winner. ‘Like’ the rosettes

on rival roosting boxes.


Euthanise the dog before her bones turn cutlass.


Unfriend the trolls. Use <3

with valour or not at all.


If you must, stash your secrets in a vault

behind the family portraits. Air them

on Queen’s Birthday and check the smoke detectors.


Ascend the stairs in ever decreasing measures.


As you fall, drop a seedling

on every step. Find happiness

in the orchard.


Soak in the fruit as long as you dare.

Flambé and serve.

Sandi Sartorelli is a graduate of the Whitireia Creative Writing Programme. She has recently returned home to New Zealand after a year in the Cook Islands. She is an optimist and hopes the food in her poems and short stories rouses memories of your most pleasurable or most ghastly eating experiences. Her website is Sandi Sartorelli – Poetry and Writing


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