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Olivia Aroha Giles

Elvis – A True Story


I am bipolar don’t you know

certified from head to toe


it reads, high functioning, sparkling wit

alas, hallucinates a bit


So, on a little manic buzz

I went to Scotland 2001


to see the place my genes begun

lift a kilt and have some fun


I found myself aboard a train

from Inverness to Aberdeen


disembarking on a whim

ended up in (reads the map) Elgin


The B&B I chose to stay

had Bellevue something in the name


comfy warm and kindly run

by a sweet Canadian


Hunger drew me out of doors

to find a place to sit and gorge


a beer or three I could imbibe

and local yarns to pass the time


On the street I met this bloke

clad in black from head to toe


reading menus on a wall

debating Chinese, Thai, Tandoor


His hair slicked back in da curl

black hair, blue eyes a pouting scowl


a swagger and a tuned guitar

‘Yes ma’am’ in a Memphis drawl


impressive side-burned chops

It had to be, how could it not


he was Elvis, Yes the King

right down to his pinky ring


Not the jumpsuit fringe and weight

the leather one from ‘68


But, as I said when we commenced

I can’t trust my eyes weren’t telling fibs


So I poked him and he blood and bone

Said, ‘Excuse me’ – in his southern tone


‘So Ma’am, would you care to dine?’

and took me for a beer and pie


We sat talked laughed and cried

I told him that I’d heard he died


he smiled with his Elvis lips

leaned across and pinched my chips


We found we shared the B&B

which was a magic sign to me


He asked if he could walk me home

So through the silent town we roamed


and stumbling drunk along the streets

he sang a concert just for me


‘Viva las Vegas’, ‘Blue Suede Shoes’,

‘Love Me Tender’, ‘GI Blues’


Then lost in fields of barley green

he did then start seducing me


I woke in the morning all alone

sore in places he’d known and known


I couldn’t decide how to feel

or whether Elvis was really real


Over the years I’ve often dreamed

Of all the places I have been


to Elgin my thoughts do wing

to the night I shagged the King


Olivia Aroha Giles is a writer and an artist from ‘The Nui’ who lives in ‘P-Town’. She writes adult and young-adult novels, historical non-fiction and illustrated story books. She uses her middle name on her books so people know she’s Māori. She loves egg and chips.


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