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Mikoyan Vekula

Sensational Plates


Dirt and wayward grass in fields

Manure and fodder, pretty much

the same thing. Stampede for a

feed and hay bales dressed in rolls of plastic.


Chewed straw and a quick shot McDraw

from Taupō, slash, T-bone steak and veg

that’s chow come. Know what I mein.


Number-8 wire and etched ownership digits

in the pelt. South Island brunch. Tossed salad and

slippery olives from Spain and toasted bread done

with a touch of chilli, keeps the voice in trim.


Pavarotti songs in the kitchen of delight

pavlova and a candlelit scene. After-eight

company. A round table capable for two or

more. Flaming pudding, pineapple upside-down

and still the wait-person dons starch on black.


Tasty desserts and the freedom is having that prepared

satisfaction on small but potent portions and to

wash it down, liquors for last. Failing that – coffee.


Mikoyan Vekula always thought that someday he would write poetry. His interest in fiction, non-fiction and poetry was instrumental in enrolling in the Whitireia Creative Writing Programme. His favourite foods: anything prepared with love and skill in the culinary arts of food presentation.


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