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Head on Side


Woman in pink:


Woman looking upwards

Woman in a short skirt


legs sprayed orange

Woman playing with the dishwater

yellow gloves

nostrils, pinched

Woman throwing away letters

holey knickers

dead flowers.

Woman, head on side, contemplating art



Woman in red:


Woman sitting

Woman holding a police hat

a white daffodil

six highlighters,

three yellow, one purple

Woman reading

Woman listening to Eminem

Woman dancing naked,

smelling her fingers

staring at her shadow writhing on the wall


Woman in green:


Woman staring at a dead cockroach.

Woman upside down,

drying her hair


Woman on her knees

scrubbing blood

from the shower


Woman in yellow:


Woman making the bed.

Woman waving to her enemy

Woman retracting a statement

no sir

I was mistaken

Woman shuffling

Woman treating herself

wallet open

white cream

Woman’s face drawn in,

without a mouth,

eyes closed.




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