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Call to arms (dance)


Now bending    now falling now   eagerly

with a    whole fruit in the mouth.  Turn bitterly

and swaggering    toward sodden and    crawling

becoming more   violent and grasping the    torso.

Tomorrow    tomorrow  narrated    today

there is a scent of Hare Krishna         doughnuts

and    a woman calling     us ‘blossom.’

But narrate this today. Chalk   smudges the event

like    rain making a path     of      clouds.

Our     bodies     are  disobedient

to the     seasons   they have learned.

Buds now    that    tremble

with  a memory         of opening.

A   sound that patiently    breaks apart a sky.

We were     swimming     through the forest

and couldn’t      have    said how.

We have shed  our names    and  embody them.

You are not   destitute. Describe    this   again.




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