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1. Deposition. The process of changing from a gas to

a solid without passing through an intermediate

liquid phase. Don’t go up into the garden

just call the cops. A woman types my words

never looks up. I make contact

with his mother in the front row, she nods

the fringe of her red hair shifts –

all those lines.


2. Deposition. The laying down of matter

by natural process. I am talking from the tongue

and groove ceiling above myself, my hands dry

leaves skittering from the words I say, it’s like his brain

had fused. What does that mean? After his meeting

with the crisis team he came home

pored through cupboards asked, honey –

how do I make a cup of tea?


3. Deposition. The act of deposing as from high office.

I can’t feel my legs. You neglected

to take a statement from the person who lived

as his wife. A policewoman who thought

she’d save me the trauma will take a whole

extra year to earn her stripes. I’m thanked

for bravery and returned

to my seat.


4. Deposition. The taking down of Christ’s body from the cross.

I boil the jug, run my finger over the envelope’s lip

In the Matter And

In the Matter Of

stamped like letterhead coroners court decision no. 100/03.

My hands are leaves again, landing on the kitchen

table, the verdict, his cup.




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