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Dreams Are Like Sand


You threw the curtains open on the morning

The northerly had brought the rain in the night

Our clothes were lying half undressed fallen on the floor.

You looked lovely in the light.

You said did you sleep through the storm, my darling?

Did you sleep through the rain last night?

For I was so full of hopelessness

I couldn’t hear your heart


My dreams are like sand and I can’t hold them

and I’m losing the places I stand

The song I’ve been singing for a lifetime

has words I do not understand, anymore.


I whispered baby come and lie beside me

It’s easy to get shipwrecked in the night

The storm has gone and torn your silver lining.

It’s hard to hold on tight.

You will not drown though the water’s rising

You will not drown though the sky is dark

For though you’re low and lost on the horizon.

I can hear your heart.


When your dreams are like sand and you can’t hold them

and you’re losing the places you stand

The song you’ve been singing for a lifetime

has words that I can understand, more and more.




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