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Good grief: three poems

Audrey Evelyn

Weeping trees

Shield the house
Aunty’s old shed
From the road
Grey planes

It caught the sun
Inside dust laughed
Drunken chairs
Chicken feed
Alone inside
Space enough
To waltz



Susan Gay

Further north
Frayed blue rope
Swings the park

We might have
Played here in
Black and white
I still think we

Take care, luck
And love, love too



Gabrielle Audrey
Walter Ross

The year they died
Had sides to climb
So wide so old
Widow without tears

On the way up
There stands Cassie
At the till, doom
Hissing, doom

Ashes wait beside
A rail line, red
Brick boxy place
Hair colours, fades

Skinny antiques
Lost and afraid
Line our passage.
See the train
Beside the sinkhole
Run for it. Go on



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