nature is just too damn much

Helen Lehndorf

The sky is too blue

the clouds too blousey

the sea too itchy, too deep

the butterfly is wearing last year’s looks

the waterfall is too moist

the cactus, a fundamentalist

the rabbits, breed like rabbits

the hills are alive–        or are they?

the seal is too body-positive (what about her health?)

the trees take up too much room in the tree museum

the moon is not the sun’s little brother, y’know

the stones could try harder

the corn, too corny

the bees, seem to think it’s all about them right now

the rain, inconsiderately wet

the foxes, nothing but skulking

the chickens, not road-safe

the lemmings, too metaphorical for their own good

the huia, had a death wish

the skinks, living in pavement cracks: is that even a thing?

the mosquitoes, literal blood-suckers

what about the flowers?

the flowers, so many over-perfumed dance moms

crowding around the edges of the stage.

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