‘I love you’

Seann Paurini

Content Warning: This piece contains descriptions of sexual assault and/or violence which may be triggering for some people.

Midnight. A naked man enters quietly into the bedroom of a teenage boy while he is sleeping. The man pulls the covers back from the boy. He starts to masturbate him, and tells him ‘I love you’.

He rubs himself up against the boy’s still body; circling, moving up and down.

Although his breathing progressively quickens, the boy remains still, silent. The man continues to rub himself up against the boy; circling, moving up and down.

With his right hand the man gently turns the boy’s face to the left, covering the boy’s eyes with his fingers to hold his head still, in place. The man does not want the boy to look into his eyes as he proceeds to kiss the boy on his lips, his neck and chest, then his abdomen. 

The boy notices his own erection but remains still, silent. He is curious, uncertain, aroused, repulsed.

The man looks up at the boy and tells him ‘I love you’ and after a minute or so he tells him ‘I want you inside me’.

The boy doesn’t know what that means, but the man begins performing oral sex on the boy and the boy remains still, silent.

After a minute or so, the man sits on top of the boy’s erect penis, adjusting himself so that he himself can be penetrated.

His body now cold; rigid, the boy is aroused. And repulsed.

After a minute or so, while the man is still on top of the boy, the boy releases a tear, and then another.

The man continues. The boy remains still, silent.

After two minutes or so, the man ejaculates sperm onto the boy’s chest and abdomen, and then lifts himself off the boy and tells him ‘I love you’.

He then grabs the boy’s erect penis and proceeds to masturbate him.

After the boy reaches orgasm, the man tells the boy that he really loves him and begins to lick the sperm off the boy’s chest and abdomen.

The man kisses the boy tenderly on the lips, he stands and quietly leaves the boy’s bedroom.

The boy, cold, rigid, remains silent, still. 

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