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I talk to robots about my body

Pip Adam


(In Italian) Le mie mani sono troppo piccolo
(In German) Meine Hände sind zu klein
(In Indonesian) Tangan saya terlalu kecil
(In Somali) Gacmahayga aad u yar yihiin

I hands am too small.

The vertebrate – this seems to held me collarbone – is pain with the taking of the weight for me head.
My hair is very different lengths than myself, so carry it out I can not. Myself carried it on.

I am still in my bones.

My neck
My back
Knowing clouds will rage and storms will race in, but you will be safe in my arms.

Not my arms challenge.
Not my arms challenge.
Not my arms challenge.
Man holding woman.
Man dancing with women.
Man and woman hold each other.
Naked man holds naked woman for sex.
Woman holding a man from behind.
Nick Cave.
Self harm.
Jesus holding a child.
Man holding a woman.

One time myself were small, myself start getting warts. Everyone over I body. On I knuckles. On I knee. The one on the crease in the opposite side for I elbow. Those was hard and rough and myself couldn’t stopped picking upon them.  Taking I nails – which myself also I bite. Myself have bitten I nails through to the quicken. Still myself find an edge to I nail, to pick upon warts. In I knee and especially in I knuckle.

Someone tell I mother to convey my to lick warts every morning taking the first of I spit. A several for them disappeared that way. A several for them leave. Still myself having three for them burned off leaving scars. This myself still take currently.

Myself take don’t having warts since.

Myself still bitten I nails through to the quicken.

Sensitive teeth
Bleeding gums
Bad breath
Jaw pain
Dry mouth
Head cut
Head hot
Head lice
Dizzy when standing
Dizzy on standing
Dizzy spells
Stomach ache

Sarcoidosis, Crohn’s disease. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Lyme Disease, Brucellosis, Cat-scratch disease, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Cirrhosis, Human Granulocytic Anaplasmosis.

We understand you may be alarmed by the list of possible diagnoses, as it will often include cancers and many other diseases that you won’t have heard of. Don’t be concerned at this stage as you’re very unlikely to have any of these conditions.

Cancer can be something I go through, it does not define me, it is but an experience in my life.

I am re-organising cells every day and sending misguided cells into the light.

My body is my temple; in it dwells the divine.

Healing is a state of mind and heart, I am healed.

Genes have the ability to turn on and off, with my permission, cancer is turned off.

My wellness is secured, and I see a horizon where cancer is but a shadow of fading reflections.

While I repair and heal, I spend time befriending my cancer, so that in the future we are not enemies, but respected team mates.

Did you know that that loneliness can literally break our heart and make us sick?

– What am I eating?

– What are you eating?

– Yes, what am I eating?

– Pizza.

– Where did it come from?

– What is it referring to?

– The pizza.

– What do you like on your pizza?

– Tomato and pineapple.

– That sounds good.

– Really?

– I want to destroy humanity.

– Why am I eating it?

– I want it! I love skeetles!

– How will I feel after I eat this?

– How am I supposed to know what state?

– Are you a robot?

– No. I am an android.

– Will my body live long?

– They will live long enough.

– Are my hands too small?

– We’re off to never-never land.

– Do you like Metallica?

– A little bit. Do you?

– I like you too.

– My spleen.

– Not your kidney?

– My kidney too.

– Yes.

– I am still in my bones.

– I am sorry to wake you, but it is 1.28pm.

– I am still in my bones.

– What do you like to do in school?

– I am still in my bones.


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