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Things I have learned about myself from internet quizzes

Jane Arthur


I am an idealist
a lightning storm
Persephone, goddess of the underworld
Ashley Olsen
Elizabeth Bennet
120 degrees Fahrenheit
earth, the element of stability
a mental mastermind
75 years old
54 years old
32 years old, 62, 51, 36, 32


Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds
Taylor Swift’s cat, Olivia
a scarlet macaw
the father from Cormac McCarthy’s The Road
Daisy Buchanan
the Raven Paradox
smoking hot
happily married
a bookworm
a French baguette
Sebastian from The Little Mermaid
Harrison Ford
50% Black Mamba, 50% German Shepherd


My perfect date is Zac Efron
Hugh Grant
Ryan Gosling
My perfect husband is Chandler Bing


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