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Blood moon


Rosemary Anderson


Look at the moon, it’s red –

its normal colour is white, he said

on the phone that night. Didn’t you know?

Say the word eclipse and I’ll show you

a blood moon over the water.


Does Endymion dream

of his hot-flushed red queen?

A heart in a body of cloud,

a goddess in a golden-edged shroud? – not just

a blood moon over the water.


And does Helios lament

a life lightly spent –

eyes blinded by rays

high up on his dais, never

a blood moon over the water.


He told me to wait

said the best stars rise late

hold the shiver, dive

I’ll meet you outside,

(and together we’ll ride)

a blood moon over the water.


But alone

I watch colour drain from the skies.

Alas and farewell, wine-coloured tides!

For nothing she stays,

a lie chasing days, at last

the blood moon sinks through the water.


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