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Mary Cresswell

Mary Cresswell was born early last century in a former province of Mexico, oldest child in a middle-class family. She graduated from Stanford University thanks to a huge variety of part-time jobs. Her favourite was being a soda jerk and her least favourite was modelling bathing suits for a sleazy swimming pool salesman.


What’s true? What’s false? What was Mary Cresswell’s favourite part-time job?
A soda jerk.
Correct! Mary says: ‘People may not know what a “soda jerk” is, but if they type “define: soda jerk” into Google (as they surely know how to do), they will be historically enlightened!’
A door-to-door makeup salesperson.
Not this one – try again.
A swimsuit model.
Not correct. Mary was a swimsuit model for a sleazy swimming pool salesman, but that was her least favourite job.
A tennis coach.
Sorry, this isn’t the answer.

By Mary


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