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Marlon Moala-Knox

Marlon Moala-Knox has been and continues to be a writer, an accordion tutor, the 2010 Senior Boys +55kg NZ Judo Champion, and the co-director, co-writer, co-editor and co-composer for the YouTube webseries Fran, in which he also portrays the character Jobs Dunley. He has plans to become a drag queen. His great-grandmother’s name was Sandpaper. He has been strangled into unconsciousness once and has strangled others into unconsciousness twice.


Which is the lie?
Marlon has strangled two people into unconsciousness.
This is true.
Marlon teaches piano accordion.
Sorry, this isn’t a lie.
His great-grandmother’s name was Sandpaper.
This too is true!!
None of these are lies.
Correct! All of this is true!

By Marlon

The slag belt polka

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