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Laura Peckyno

Laura was raised in a small industrial town in Southwestern Pennsylvania, USA – Bruce Springsteen would be proud. She has lived in seven different countries, and her hobbies include reading science fiction and exploring the outdoors with her partner (but only with sufficient bug spray). She has worked as a cheese taster and a dragon slayer. She enjoys Marmite on toast every morning – but Vegemite is right out. Several years ago, she won $6,000 worth of ice cream and ate nearly all of it. She left a brown Good Times van in St George, Utah. If you go there, you may still find it.


Which fact is a lie?
She owned a brown Good Times van.
Sorry. This is true.
Laura has worked as a cheese taster and dragon slayer.
No. Both of these are true.
Laura has Marmite on toast for breakfast every morning.
Yes, that’s the lie! Laura hates Marmite and Vegemite!

By Laura

True story

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