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Lady policy

Judith Lofley


Reading and writing

and re-writing

and formatting

in government-speak

from the timeless void

of waffle and wonder

turns brains to Weetbix.

The worst part

is reading the foreword

beside the photo

of the half-witted grinning Minister

who signs in a scrawl of thought

or rather,

the uploaded image is inserted

from the shared drive

and positioned for truth.

One day you may find yourself

standing beside the aforementioned fool

and will spit on the floor

if you’re not a fucken lady.

This, you may think, is Machiavellian Man

Like some Mac in his Valiant

Plymouth or Chrysler

either way, all dick and no cock

like a grandmother would say

except she may be another fucken lady

and would say it another way.

Read instead a poem

to dilute the policy.


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