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Janet Colson

Fiction-loving author Janet Colson gives us The fact alternative while deep into writing a follow-up thriller for her novel The Shark Party. Obsessed with art, the heart and polar bears, she once had a date with David Attenborough in Svalbard. They talked about the bodies of ballet dancers while eating chocolate mousse with Russian vodka.


What’s true? What’s false? Who did Janet Colson once spend an evening with at the ballet?
Jacinda Ardern.
Not correct – try again!
David Attenborough.
Correct! Janet did indeed spend an evening at the ballet with David Attenborough. But they were in London, not Svalbard, and chocolate mousse and vodka were not on the menu.
Donald Trump.
This isn’t the answer.
Sorry, this isn’t correct.

By Janet

The fact alternative

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