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Jackson Nieuwland

Jackson Nieuwland likes seagulls. They are the editor of LEFT and co-founder of Food Court. Their novel Foursquare is forthcoming from VUP in 2018. Please give them a job.


What’s true? What’s false? Which facts in Jackson’s bio are lies?
They love seagulls.
Correct! Jackson is terrified of seagulls. In their words, ‘They hover directly outside the car windows, staring in with their red eyes. They never blink.’
They are the editor of ‘LEFT’.
Sorry. This isn’t the lie.
They are the co-founder of ‘Food Court’.
Sorry, this is not a lie.
Their novel ‘Foursquare’ is forthcoming from VUP in 2018.
Correct! Jackson’s novel, as they put it, ‘isn’t forthcoming from anywhere. If you want to publish it, please get in touch.’

An interview with Jackson
by Jackson Nieuwland

You don’t like taking about yourself

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