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Helen Vivienne Fletcher

Helen Vivienne Fletcher is a spoken-word poet, playwright and children’s author from Wellington. Before becoming a full-time writer and creative-writing tutor, she worked in a number of roles, including: elf, phone counsellor, teaching people to knit without using needles, youth support worker and professional screamer. Most of all, Helen just loves making up stories, and is always happy when people want to read or hear them.


What’s true? What’s false? See if you can spot the lie.
Helen once worked as a professional screamer.
This is true. Her actual job title was ‘extra’, but because she was so good at screaming on demand, they gave her a new title on set.
She worked as an elf for her sister’s Christmas tree business.
Sorry. This isn’t a lie.
Helen is a spoken-word poet, playwright and children’s author.
No lies here.
None of these are lies.
You are correct. None of these are lies.

By Helen

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