Blue Notes: A found poem in Casita Flora

Mat Gorrie

Soul comfort for winter nights like this mellow melancholy straining

against the body, one ear cranked to subtle charms

Charlie Parker plays. Beautiful bean curd skin unwraps fingers

over brass fusion of blue jazz, when in spring everything happened.

Death walked among the blossoms,

lambs shook on bent legs and legendary B B King

passed on. When soup is earthy and full-bodied as

soup can be it, brings warmth

after a day’s journey. When tired and forlorn

I put on Chet Baker and don’t think of anything else.

Give ears a workout. Remind myself

of blame. She left, ‘in a mellow tone’

written by Duke Ellington later recorded by Coleman Hawkins,

it was a favourite vinyl left on the stairs – a letter of ill-fated love.

In the ochre warmth of my kitchen.

I cooked to John Lee Hooker, no animals were slaughtered

in vegetarian dishes. This seven-year itch

with expressive sounds like Ella Fitzgerald

 only brings tears in beautiful quiet,

deeply receded listening till the last note

plays. The sax winds down, the trumpet signs off,

the glass tap of a high-hat dies, brings silence, leaves

the body – and the ear grows cold.

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