Bill Nelson

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On Hold

By calling sweet listener, you are agreeing and by
humming you are leaving and by the way, fleeing is
tantamount and this implies, by the way, a bucket
of guilt buried by asides and by asides we mean
besides it is the times we are living in and the fact
that you have concurred by saying so into
the mouthpiece is irrelevant for this is the switchboard
to multiple various parties, various multiple institutions
who do the same thing but in slightly different ways.
You are fourth in the queue valuable listener and
someone will come soon, they have the answers
to your questions and are experts in the study of old
trees, young roots, acorns collecting in small brown piles
and they have been trained in the art of deflection, that’s right
reflection. This is the centre for beautifully complex self-
destruction and we appreciate your patience, we want you
to be happy, creative, complaint-free and it is with the utmost
of pain and regret, destitution and inter-continental
ballistic sadness we are unable to answer.

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