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All Good
Natasha Jennings

Tena koutou, tena koutou, katoa. Nga mihi.. something. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. It's all good Al, all good. Been learnin our mihis here, at the Rangatahi Unit for the mentals. Been tryin to tell them I'm not sick. "This is me bro, this is me", I said, I said, " Yeah. Yeah, yeah.  It's all good Doc. I'm good Doc."
           Man, he's like pretty alright Al. Could do with a makeover, you know like extreme. Ditch the brown suit, lose the bowl. Like yeah man.Yeah. Wass happening Doc?  I said I said, "Here Al, wear my beanie."
           Cause I'm not worried no more bout my red hair. Red and curly like a fucked up clown. Cause it's all good Al, all good. And he's like, "How ya feeling Jason?"
           And I'm like, "Call me Ja bro. Call me Ja."
           Oh yeah..yeah. Nga mihi nui. Ko Ja toku ingoa. That's me - Ja. Ja from the Bay.  Yo.  Ja from the Bay.

Smoke it.
                          Toke it.

       Sniff it. 

                           It's illicit.                     .          

I reckon I'm like gonna be famous when I get outta here, cause I'm like fat Al, fat. Probably gonna hook up with like Scribe, 2 Pac, maybe Eminen, Twista. Cause like I got it happenin. Pumpin. It's all good Al, all good. Yeah, like yo. 

        Hey hoe
Howja blow?
                     Pack it on babe.
 Take ya to my cave.
                      I'm your man.
                                 Get it up, get it up cos I can.

             What ya reckon Al? Been learnin drummin here too. This chick Sakafi. Tokelauen number. We hang in the music room. Drummins her thing. Been showing me a few moves and now Al, I'm the man. Got it happening. Reckon I'll hook up with like Che Fu, UB40 maybe  ACDC, Greenday. Cause Al I got it all shit.

Go Ja.
               Go Ja.
     It's ya birthday.

            Yeah. Oy yeah. Oy Al, it's Mums birthday, not today, but .... was...gonna be soon. Yeah soon. What's that, oy yeah Al.
Ko Lee toku mum.. or is it mama? Yeah. Yeah, yeah. It's all good Al, all good. Mums the bomb. Got it happenin. She's comin in later, bringin me Maccas. Big Mac, chips, got it going on Al, going on. Mum looks after me and Mere, my sister. She's like yeah, all that Al, all that.

            Dad he's.. oy...oy  yeah. Ko Nikora toku dad. He's like a sperm donor with a fist, a fist and a flagon. Mum says, "We're better off kids, better off."      
         Lives in Sydney I think. New whanau and all that.  But I don't care cause who gives a fuck? Yo. All good Al, all good.
         I've been tryin to tell the nurses and all that, I'm like not a mental. I'm like yo yo, stoked. Good to be here and all that. Ya get to 17 and it's all good. Ya worked it all out. Things don't matter anymore, cause it's all good. After P, I was a reincarnated Super Sayin cross with John Cena, WWE World Wrestling. Invincible Al, invincible. Hooch is rockin, but P is like fat Al, fat. But ya know Al, now I'm just Ja. Ja from the Bay. Go sniff it. It's illicit. I said to Koru. He's like Koru Rangi, kaumatua of the mentals, "I'm not Maori, I'm just Ja. Ja from the Bay."
           He said, "Tama be proud."
           And I'm like, "My dad's Maori Koru, and he's not here. So there. Give me a beer. Cheers, big Ears."
           Yo yo. But it's all sweet- cause Koru said sit down when I stood up and stand when I sat down. Then he took my hand and walked with me outside, round and round the courtyard cause my legs were movin couldn't stop groovin. I'm movin, I'm grovin cause I'm all that. We shot a few hoops, sang a few waiatas. I showed him I could do the haka. Real loud too, real loud. I said, "I'm too much Koru, too much."
           He smiled and nodded. So it's all good Al. All good.
           I reckon I will be famous, doesn't matter I can't write. I'm feeling so fucken good, cause it's all happening. Things are finally going my way Al, my way. So yeah. I'm not actually a mental. But it's all shit being here. Mean kai. Nurses like fat Al, fat. Dr, yeah, needs a haircut yo yo, alright. Could do with a toke. Smoke it. Toke it. They reckon I have to give it up, cause I'm like manic. And I'm like, "Don't panic, I'm not manic. Don't panic, I'm not manic."
         Yeah, so it's all good Al, all good.
Wass - up?  Oy yeah, mihi. No Titahi Bay ahau. My mountain...Ko Whitireia Al... something something.Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Tena koutou, tena koutou, katoa. All good Al, all good.

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