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One orange flower erupts on the cactus plant
Placed for Feng Shui harmony
Near the front door

Fallen fronds of the Japanese Toon tree lie
On the lawn like forgotten spears
From an old battlefield

Tiny coloured lights swing on pagoda beams
Shining starlight through
The bedroom window

A bamboo stake leans overwhelmed
By ghosts of last year’s
Clematis blooms

Stolen river stones cluster around the base
Of the cactus plant seeking shade
Under fleshy limbs

A child’s pink drinking mug collects rainwater
And floating leaves
Home for a tiny brown worm

A marmalade cat, tail tip twitching
Sits and stares
At the new orange flower.


This morning the cactus plant
Is dressed for a party
She wears a golden flower
On top of her head
Perched slightly askew
The newly born bloom flaunts
Its colourful dress

Unused to attracting busy bees
The plant points sharp spikes
To ward off their persistent onslaught
Unaware she needs this
Invasion of her privacy
To trigger
New birth

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